An unforgettable experience

Dinner in the Sky is a unique, spectacular and culinary experience on a higher level. Imagine: a beautifully set table whereby the chef prepares a four-course gastronomic menu in front of the eyes of 22 people, paired with a delicious wine arrangement, while at a height of 50 meters. Enjoy a completely catered dinner and a breathtaking view. Whether going for a romantic dinner with your partner, a staff outing, an incentive or treating your loved ones, there is always a reason to take part in this spectacular experience. There is also the possibility to choose a High Wine, High Tea, High Beer, lunch, or other desired forms, all at a height of 50 meters.

Dinner in the Sky is very suitable as a marketing tool for businesses. Complete branding, exclusivity and a variety of customized concepts. Whether it’s a meeting in the Sky, training in the Sky, introduction in the Sky or a concert in the Sky, we would like to help you brainstorm for a suitable option.

Ten years ago, dinner in the Sky launched in Belgium for the first time. In the meantime, the concept has been active in more than 59 countries. Not only in European countries, but also in Australia, India, Dubai, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Colombia and many more. At Dinner in the Sky, the Sky is not the limit. The best gourmet chefs continuously provide an unforgettable culinary experience. The many other options ‘in the Sky’ are also ideal for business purposes.

Dinner in the Sky - Sky Watch


“Fun & View” are the main items in our Sky-Watch. This Budget version of DITS can take 24 people at a time, 10 times an hour, up to 50 meters to enjoy the spectacular view.

The Sky-Watch is accessible for both Children and Adults. The seats are equipped with belt systems to ensure optimum safety. Fun to take a ride once or to hire exclusively

as spectacular added value for your Event. The Sky-Watch offers several branding oppotunities.

Sky-Watch Christmas Edition

For the Christmas period we offer the Sky-Watch Christmas Edition.

With 24 people you are a guests in Santa’s Sleigh and you can enjoy the beautiful view in Christmas Spirit.

Of course, Sky-Watch Christmas can also be rented exclusively.

Dinner in the Sky - Sky Watch Christmas